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 Corporate Social Responsibility
 CSR Statement & Commitments
 Million Hope Industries Limited endeavors to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We offer the finest products to our customers and fulfil our corporate social responsibility by promoting green and sustainable development, healthy living and care for those who are in need. We work together with employees, clients and the community in making a meaningful difference for our society. Putting our socially responsibility into actions, the Management have set a clear direction, covering our sustainable development approach in response to our business performance & ethics, health & safety, environmental protection, employee care, and other social issues that needs our concern.
 Components of CSR Development
 Team Spirit
 Million Hope regards that human capital is the key to the success of the company. We strive to provide a friendly and supportive working environment for our talents, including staff training & development, well-being and communication. A comprehensive career training & development opportunities and work-life balance should be given to our employees that excluded on the basis of characteristics such as gender, age and religious or others.
 Labour Security
 Million Hope pursues fair employment practices in every aspect of its business. We understand the importance of safeguarding human rights and labour rights and straightly complies with applicable laws and regulations of Hong Kong. To prevent any employment of child and forced labour, we launches a full set of Code of Conduct for our staff and supply chain, which are clearly stated in our Staff Handbook.
 Supply Chain Management
 Million Hope provides various products and services to our customers, including sourcing and procurement of materials, structural calculation and installation works, it means our supply chain is wide ranging. We screen suppliers according to different criteria such as prices, their technical capability, product quality and time delivery. Most importantly, they must comply with the relevant laws and regulations both in Hong Kong and mainland.
 Product Responsibility
 Million Hope stresses the quality of our works, therefore, we are operating under a set of procedures that stick to the ISO 9001 quality standard. Our experienced design engineers are responsible for curtain wall system design and structural calculation including the consideration of the feasibility of the design and installation works. All the design methods and calculation are required to submit to our clients and the Building Department for confirmation. Moreover, a project management team will be formed in each design and build project in order to ensure the quality of our product as well as minimise the potential of having deviation from our original design.
 Community Involvement
 Million Hope committed to good cooperate citizenship. Hong Kong is where we operate, we have the social reasonability to contribution and using our power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable living city. We support different volunteer services and community relations programs. Also, we encourage our staff to take part in a wide range of charitable events by different sponsorship. We will improve our plans and policies for community involvement approach to make an effort in creating a positive and inclusive society.
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