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 Statement and Framework
 CSR Statement
  The Group endeavors to construct and manage for a brighter and greener prospect.
  As a construction and services group, we serve our customers and business partners with quality, efficiency and reliability. We attempt to build the principles of sustainable development into different aspects of our business.
  This means doing business with integrity, aspiring to the highest levels of standards of corporate management, safety and health, managing our environmental impacts, and committing to deliver on our full range of social responsibilities.
  As a socially responsible corporation, the Management has set clear direction and takes full responsibility for Million Hope Industries Limited's performance in corporate governance, business ethics, health and safety, the environment, equal opportunity, and other social issues.
 CSR Committee Organisation Chart
  To encourage staff participation and strengthen credibility of the committee, representatives of different departments are appointed to join. The Committee implements the principles of sustainable development into different aspects of our business and to integrate our individual programmes into a strategic plan under the CSR framework with clear objectives and actions.
  We have identified four aspects to engage our stakeholders and developed the CSR framework.
  • People
    Focus on improving the working condition of our staff members, promoting health and safety and providing continuous development and training in order to attract, retain and develop the talent.

  • Environment
    Focus on seizing business opportunities with a minimal impact on the environment.

  • Operational Practices
    Focus on developing and maintaining a set of construction management objectives to achieve fair operating environment.

  • Community
    Focus on making a better living conditions and well-being of people in neighbouring community, Hong Kong, and the world.

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